BEGE and EEGS – the major gaming exhibition and conference of the European region released now their new concept by putting the focus on the location – country of Bulgaria, as a prospective technology and business hub for the gaming sector, famous with its hospitality and welcoming atmosphere.

The slogan of the new concept is: “Proximity: Where the progress takes roots”. It is meant to express the closeness, the communication approach and the unique spirit of the region. The main idea behind it is about showcasing Bulgaria as a cross point of many cultures but also to highlights country’s disposition as a main technology hub and proximate place for business and partnerships that mark out the gaming future.

Bulgaria’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and strong IT sector have made it an attractive destination for all land-based and online gaming companies. The country is the perfect location for creating an environment that encourages investment and growth. The regulatory framework for the gaming industry is transparent, predictable, and stable, making it a highly sought-after location for companies.

The BEGE Еxpo has been estimated as an attractive spot among some of the top gaming companies in the world for presenting their latest gaming trends and cutting-edge technology. Attendees are provided with various feauters and have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, gain priceless experiences, and learn about the latest developments in the area.

“”Our team has been always leveraging to provide high level of customer services and respectively effective connection. BEGE and EEGS team has been passionately keen on exploring new horizons in order to develop further perspectives for the iGaming and the land-based sector as well. – commented Natalia Baevska, Project Manager of the events. “One of our strategic objectives is to contribute to the affirmation of the Bulgarian region as a great place for communication and successful business partnerships. We are implementing our CSR strategy and supporting this direction we will start our “BEGE trainee program” very soon. It’s an additional opportunity that we are providing the young generation of professionals with, to choose our country for their career development” – added Mrs. Baevska.

On the subject of the EEGS conference which will be held simultaneously on 22-23 of November crucial topics lie ahead to be discussed by industry professionals. Organizers are planing a number of pre-event initiatives, starting with the first EEGS Webinar which was held on 10th May, where top experts exchanged perspective in terms of advertising in gambling (watch EEGS Webinar on demand here).

Both events will present new attractive and prospective marketing tools, starting with new advertising options and new networking possibilities. The official BEGE&EEGS Party and Awards ceremony will be presented in a completely new way in order to provide all participants with even more visibility for their brands. (See our available Sponsorship options here: and

Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates on the events and follow the storytelling of the innovative concept that BEGE&EEGS are bringing to the industry. You can contact the team at and