Dear participants,

In our role as organisers of BEGE, the biggest gaming event in the European region, we strive to bring the level of organization to higher professional level and provide appropriate environment for achieving the business objectives to all participants.

Starting this year, BEGE would like to introduce to your attention a guideline for the appearance and the dress code during the event, which is meant to deliver a productive business environment during the event hours. The dress code guidelines provide a standard for professional appearance to enhance the positive results of the event and to avoid sensitivity and offence of customers, clients, or colleagues.

Please instruct your personnel and plan your promotional events in order to comply with the following main guidelines:

-Clothing should comply with the business etiquette and norms.
-Clothing should not be with offensive or inappropriate designs or stamps.
-Clothing should not be too revealing. Nudity is not acceptable.
-Clothing and grooming styles dictated by religion or ethnicity are exempt.
-Any clothing for promotional personnel or planned marketing events on the show floor should be coordinated in advance with the organizers to ensure if it complies with the above requirements in order to avoid restriction for promotion at the time of the show.

To make it effective we count on your commitment and support and we kindly ask you to refrain from inappropriate appearance during the two days of BEGE.
As we are all well aware, our appearance reflects ourselves and the company we represent, and expresses our attitude toward our customers and clients, by following appropriate dress norms, we should be ensure that we maintain a positive and professional environment.

We truly believe that together we can bring the level of professionalism and affirm the event position as the leading gaming and entertainment show in the European region.