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9) The information provided on The Website can be general and abstract. Its proper application in practice depends on the right, including legal facts of the particular situation that can not be described on The Website. This is the reason that Bege Expo has no responsibility of how the User apply the information in a different, more complex situation or a situation with specifics, resulting in any kind of damage over the User.

10) By submitting any materials to the servers of Bege Expo via email or through The Website including, but not limited to, the User accepts that:
10.1. The materials and information in / with them does not contain anything which is contrary to the applicable law.
10.2. The User must use all appropriate means to detect and remove viruses as well as any harmful or destructive elements such as programs before sending the materials and information in / with them.
10.3. Owns the materials and information in / with them or have the unlimited right to provide them – Bege Expo can publish them free of charge and / or use them or the ideas revealed in them without any financial or any other responsibility.



11.1 Information you give us: We collect any information you provide to us when you complete registration forms, or provide us with your details over the phone, for example when you register an account with us, register to attend one of our events (whether as a delegate, exhibitor speaker or attendee) or subscribe to our mailing list. This information might include your name, address, email address, phone number, credit card information and other information relevant to the event or service that you’re registering for.

Information we collect about you: We will collect any information contained in any correspondence between you and us via contact forms on websites, and emails or telephone calls.

We may collect, for the purposes of any events that we operate badged access for, information about your location in and engagement with the event. For example, for certain events, access will be granted via a badge which holds your registration details including personal information. You will be required to use your badge to gain access to the event.

We collect information about you visiting our website and how you use it. This may include your IP address, geographical location, device information, browser type, referral source, length of visit, operating system, number of page views, which pages you viewed and similar information. This information may be collected by a third party website analytics service provider on our behalf and/or may be collected using cookies. We also use cookies and pixels in our emails to track delivery and open rates, the results of which are stored against your email address and profile. For more information on cookies please refer to paragraph VI below.

Information we receive from third parties: We may collect information about you from third parties that we work closely with for the purposes of delivering to you the services that you request from us. For example, we may engage third parties to assist us with our newsletter marketing campaigns (Mailchimp & SendPulse), payment systems (Weemss), accommodation services (Stanley Comfort Travel), catering services (Eurocatering), logistics (Expo Logistics) and construction (Inter Expo Center, Prefix), software services (Intellistack), hosting services (ETN Hosting). These entities will collect information directly from you on our behalf. We may engage third parties to operate event websites on our behalf; these entities will collect information directly from you about your visits to the website on our behalf.

We may also receive information about you from third parties where you have consented to such third party sharing your information with us.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


12) You can find more information about our Cookie Policy here.


13) The information on The Website is monitored by the team of Bege Expo, but there are possible gaps in the information provided, including in the legislative regime. In the event of discrepancies between the information on The Website and legislation of Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union, the User can contact the team of Bege Expo. Bege Expo reserves the right to verify the signal and, if necessary, to take action.


14) Bege Expo reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of The Website as and when it deems necessary. For current and accepted are the Terms and Conditions on The Website.


15) All the information (articles, sample documents and other materials) of The Website, is intellectual property of the Bege Expo and / or authors in the team of the organization. The following rules are applicable:
15.1. Everyone is free to share any material with active link to its source (url address).
15.2. Retaining any connection / link in the material.
15.3. With reference to the author.
15.4. Without modifications.
15.5. And noncommercial.


16) By using The Website and the information on it, the User expresses his unconditional agreement to these terms and conditions, thus obtaining the right to use The Website for free for personal and noncommercial purposes.