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BEGE & EEGS set out an enhanced vision and programme for 2019

The 12th edition of the leading events for the gaming and entertainment industry in Europe BEGE & EEGS are coming with a totally new approach to the events, depicting the main logo, further confirming the importance of this must attend exhibition and conference. Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Exhibition and The Eastern European Gaming Summit, truly the path to “Bridging the Future”.

The purpose of the new vision is to impart continuity to the last year’s concept and to identify the main focus of the events: Business and Technology thus building visually on the message which further portrays the leadership positions of summits of the gaming and entertainment industry in Central, Eastern Europe, and beyond. The direction which this sector encompasses is determined by the dynamic development of technology. Over the last decades every gaming business has been reliant on technology and every major company in the industry is committed to continually update and further develop the same, therefore the exhibition is poised as an event that presents the latest gaming and entertainment technical platforms, and must be at the forefront of technical expertise.

Artificial Intelligence has been absorbed in to virtually every aspect of modern life and more often than not we benefit from the advantages of modern technology and various complex processes. The cost of implementation and application of artificial intelligence is gradually falling. Accordingly, the AI becomes more accessible even for smaller companies and organizations. Forecasting through the analysis of capital outflow and the calculation of potential profits provides a timely reaction and allows contacting the customer on time, thus preventing their withdrawal. Another benefit: to save the marketing budget, companies need to analyze continually the traffic sources to maximize their ROI. In this field, artificial intelligence in gaming has long surpassed the most experienced managers.

ЕЕGS will be held on 19 – 20 November 2019 and BEGE is scheduled for 20 – 21 November 2019 – if you are still considering your place as exhibitor, it is vital that you book space without delay. Check for the up-to-date program on the events websites.