BEGE AND EEGS INTERNSHIP PROGRAMM ONGOING: Giving youth the stage to unleash the prospects in the World of Event Management, Copywriting, Storytelling, and Social Media

BEGE and Eastern European Gaming Summit , the leading gaming events which will take place on 22-23 of November, at IEC, Sofia , are thrilled to announce the launch of their exciting Internship Program. This unique opportunity has been made from professionals to professionals, for all passionate and driven individuals who are looking to start for their career and friendly working environment.

” I dare to say I have a solid experience in the field of the event management marketing. I started my career exactly as a trainee at BEGE and EEGS where I gained priceless know-how from industry master minds. The most important that I’ve learnt is that the successful projects are not merely about promotions, advertising or PR, it’s all about creating memorable experiences and good vibes, building partnerships and community that resonate with the soul of each event. My journey from a marketing trainee to nowadays has been fueled by the belief that emotional moments leave a trace in the hearts of all participants. Every event is a canvas, and with each stroke of strategic creativity, we paint a masterpiece of connection and engagement.” – said Nadejda Mincheva, Marketing Manager at BEGE and EEGS.

The BEGE and EEGS Internship Program is a gateway to priceless experience and promising career opportunities. We invite you to join our team of professionals and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and innovation.

Top Reasons To Become Our Marketing Trainee

Valuable Experience: Dive into the heart of event management, sharpen your copywriting skills, craft compelling narratives, and master the art of social media strategy under the guidance of industry experts.

Career Development: Build a strong foundation for your career in the thriving field of gambling expos and conferences. Learn from the best, collaborate with like-minded peers, and unlock endless possibilities.

Contribute to Bulgaria’s Growth: This internship program is an essential part of our company’s commitment to attract talented and skilled professionals to choose Bulgaria as their preferred destination for career advancement.

How to Apply:

To apply, please send your updated resume and a brief cover letter detailing your area of interest and why you wish to join the program to

For more information about BEGE and EEGS, please visit or

Join us in shaping the future of this the ever-evolving field and find out an inspiring path for your own professional journey. Become a part of the BEGE and EEGS Internship Program!